Hartwall Arena, Areenankuja 1, Helsinki

AUGUST 11th, 2017
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The presentation from VICE was amazing,
thank you for opening my eyes!

The most expected media industry
event of the year in Finland.

My understanding of the youth target audience has now reached a new level. Thank You!

Breathtaking: We switched into a high gear in our entire marketing team and found familiar faces from YouTube for our campaign.

Joona Haatainen CEO & Partner, Töttöröö Network
Sanna Rousi COO, Töttöröö Network
Pauli Kopu Founder & CEO, KLOK Creative Agency

Tubecon, the biggest YouTuber convention in Scandinavia gives creators, fans and industry members a place to meet.

TUBECON INDUSTRY DAY is an inspiring B2B event organised as a part of the two day-long Helsinki Tubecon fan convention.

TUBECON INDUSTRY DAY takes you to the core of a current polar-shifting transformation in branded content and media industry. The event provides the latest insights, networking and new business opportunities to a diverse professional audience hailing from media, marcomm and brands.

The speaker lineup consist of leading visionaries, experts and decision makers showcasing the power of video in marketing, storytelling and brand building in the digital age. In addition, we are excited to give the stage to the hottest Youtubers of Finland.

Last year’s event was highly popular, so please make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to attend.

Let us know if you have any enquiries. Otherwise, buy the ticket, take the ride. Welcome!


*Presentation or parts of it will held in Finnish

We preserve the right to make changes.


The State of the Union*

Jonna ”Wildeem” Paananen
Art Director, Tubecon Finland


The Effects of Digitalization in Television and Online Video Consumption

Marie Nilsson
Founder and CEO, Mediavision


10 Tips to Succesful Video Influencer Cooperation, research by Tubecon and A-lehdet*

Ossi Lehto, Head of Sales, Tubecon Nordic
Anni Lintula, Chief Business Officer, A-Lehdet


Industry Showcase: Pre-order the Future with Prince Ea

Sirpa Tuomi
Marketing Director, Neste


LEGS TO WINGS AND PRECISION POOPING ON THE COMP: What Happens When You Evolve From a Campaign Mentality to Creating a Constant Interactive Presence with Your Communications

Pele Cortizo Burgess
Global Chief Creative Officer, MEC Global


Fireside Chat from Campaign Paradigm to Constant Conversation on Video with Pauli Kopu and Pele Cortizo-Burgess


Building Strong Online Communities with Humor

Kristen Taylor
Founder, Saucy Magazine


Empathy, Interaction and Novel Emotion Technologies*

Katri Saarikivi
Cognitive Neuroscientist, Helsinki University


What’s Up with Tubecon?*

Krista Huovinen, CEO and Executive Producer Tubecon Finland
Risto Kuulasmaa, Co-Founder of Tubecon




Always On, Ever Connected: The War for Gen Z’s Attention, brought to you by A-lehdet*

David Ciaramella
Communications Manager, K7 Media


Always On, Ever Connected: The War for Gen Z’s Attention, brought to you by A-lehdet*

David Ciaramella
Communications Manager, K7Media


Youtube in Finland - Content Genres and Influence on Consumers, research by Töttöröö Network*

Joona Haatainen, CEO & Partner, Töttöröö Network
Sanna Rousi, COO, Töttöröö Network


Future of Engagement Fireside Chat*

United Screens, Splay and Töttöröö Network hosted by Riku Nieminen




Creator Keynote: Youtuber’s Handbook*

Roni Back, Influencer
Ville Kormilainen, Communications Consultant, Tekir Oy


Creator Keynote: How to Build a Global Business*

Hydraulic Press Channel


Influencer Fireside Chat*

Hydraulic Press Channel, Mansikkka & Roni Back hosted by Riku Nieminen


Lessons from the New Frontier of News: How CBS is creating the next-gen newsroom and reaching the audience of the future

Christy Tanner
Senior Vice President and General Manager, CBS News Digital


Networking Hour and Dealrooms Available